Recipe: Tomato Basil Skewers

Recipe: Tomato Basil Skewers

When you’re planning appetizers for your holiday parties a cheese plate is just one of those things you naturally know you need, but how easy is it to go overboard on cheese? Sticking to lower fat cheeses like mozzarella is a great way to still get your cheese fix without packing on the calories. When […]

Review: Walk it Off in 30 Days by Leslie Sansone

Walk It Off In 30 Days (Leslie Sansone)

One of the biggest problems with workout DVDs is they’re usually not easy to just do. They take extra equipment, you need specific form and there is no one to check if you’re doing it right, or they’re just plain too difficult for someone new to exercise to make it through. Leslie Sansone’s Walk at […]

Recipe: Holiday Cranberry Wine Spritzer

Holiday Cranberry Wine Spritzer Recipe | To Do: Lose Weight

Wine is delicious but it’s also full of calories. I love the taste but I know if I want to keep losing weight I can’t have very much. The wine spritzer on the other hand — especially when sweetened with natural sweeteners — is a great way to enjoy the taste of your favorite wine […]

Party Tips For Weight Watchers

Party Tips for Weight Loss

The holiday party season is one of the most dangerous times of the year for anyone who is trying to watch their waistline. As if the constant bombardment of advertising from TV and stores about food wasn’t bad enough, it’s also the time of year that people are making all kinds of tasty, unique seasonal […]

Recipe: Low Calorie Egg Nog

Lower Calorie Egg Nog by To Do: Lose Weight

Egg nog is one of those holiday staples but it’s so full of sugar and fat it can be really hard to justify drinking it when you’re actively trying to lose weight. Some egg nog brands have as much as 440 calories in just 8 ounces, that’s the same as three glasses of wine and […]