Dealing With Disappointment When You Get Off Track

No matter how hard you work at losing weight, there’s a good chance you’re going to get off track from time to time. It happens and it’s normal. Sometimes it’ll just be one or two meals and other times it’ll be a few weeks or months. Once you realize what you’ve done you look back […]

Stop Dieting, Start Eating Real Food

Stop dieting and eat real food

What if you were told to stop dieting? Doesn’t that sound fabulous? The problem with many people today is that they have been told several myths about nutrition and dieting. The problem with most diets is they do not deliver all of the nutritional goodies that your body needs. So your body begins to crave […]

Recipe: Healthy Hummus

Low Calorie Hummus Recipe

You can’t have a great veggie plate without dip! I love ranch dip, cheesy spinach dip, and all of those great creamy dips but hummus also goes great with pretty much any vegetable. It’s also very healthy and you can cut out some calories along the way making it the perfect low calorie dip. We […]

Recipe: Low Calorie Peppermint Fudge

Low-Calorie Peppermint Fudge Recipe

Fudge is one of those things it’s just hard to say no to during the holiday season. It can be really tough! The thing is, there is no way to make fudge without it being loaded with sugar, it’s just how fudge works. I’ve found two things that really help when it comes to fudge. […]