Get Fit by Working Out Less than an Hour a Day!

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When you think of personal fitness, your mind’s eye is probably filled with images of getting up early and suiting up for a jog, heading down to the gym and hopping on a treadmill, or spending hours groaning and sweating. While that’s probably true if you want to follow a traditional workout plan at a gym or with a personal trainer, the average person like you or I doesn’t have to invest a ton of time into fitness to see results.

While time spent is a major factor in achieving fitness and weight loss results, taking a huge amount of important time out of your day — especially if you have a busy schedule — simply just isn’t an option. Whether you have a day job to go to or responsibilities that need to be taken care of at home can leave you with little time to yourself at all, much less time you might want to spend investing in a workout. The key comes from realizing that it doesn’t take an hour of devoted time to fit a workout into your average day. In fact, all it really takes is a little creative planning in advance. Just with little planning, it’s easy to find out that you can get fit by working out less than an hour a day.

The easiest way to get exercise without taking time out of your day is to fit it in among the things you already planned on doing that day. If you’ve got work to do outside in the yard or somewhere to go nearby, turn it into a fun exercise. Do stretches, jog in place, get your blood pumping without having to head to the gym! If you know you have to spend time out of the house, take a little extra time and park in the back of the lot then jog into the store. Take your little bits of exercise when and where you can find them, even if it’s spontaneous! Even if you’re just at work you can get in a little bit of stretching and fitness during breaks or while you’re at your desk.

Another important way you can find quick fitness is to utilize high impact workouts that are specifically designed for people with only a little time. There are tons of free and paid resources available for people out there who only have between ten minutes to half an hour to devote to exercise. You can find programs online that let you choose the type of workout you want and how long you’d like to spend on it or even just free workout videos through video sharing sites like Youtube. My personal favorite and FREE fitness program source is, they have numerous different exercises that suit each and every schedule! Take for example 8-minute exercise for abs and core, or short but effective 5-minute workout for butt! If you have more time, you can challenge yourself with for example 88-minute 1,000 kcal workout including abs, HIIT, strength training and stretching!

Fitness doesn’t have to be something that you spend a huge part of your day on if you just take the time to work little bits of it into everything you do!

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