Review: Wii Fit U

Reviewed: Wii Fit U

Video games have earned a reputation as a way to keep kids — and adults — sitting on the couch becoming overweight. Nintendo’s last two consoles (the Wii and the Wii U), however,  have added motion gaming to help get people up and moving while enjoying the video games they love.

Nintendo’s original fitness game, Wii Fit, was a big hit. They’ve since upgraded the game for their new console by adding new and awesome features. The Wii Fit U turns your Wii U into a weight tracker, activity tracker, and work out machine all in one!

The goal of Wii Fit U is to bring gaming and fitness together to make it fun for the whole family, and it does a great job! The games and workouts use a combination of the Wii-Mote controllers and the Wii Fit Balance Board. Most of the games use the Balance Board.

Exercise games cover things like yoga, strength training, dance, balance games, aerobics, and more! There’s something for everyone. It comes with a built-in “trainer” that will teach you how to do the games and you can use built-in workouts or mix and match to create your own.

The Wii Fit U version also comes with an activity tracker. It’s a little gadget you clip on to your clothing. It’ll track your steps taken, calories burned, and elevation climbed. That information will sync up with the game so you can track your progress.

The Balance Board doubles as a scale so you can do your weigh-ins right there with your Wii U. It’ll give you charts and graphs so you can see your progress.

There is also a social network you have the option of participating in. You can compete with friends and family (or cheer each other on). There are also new “gym communities” where you can find likeminded people to connect with!

One of the cool new features of the Wii U is the touchscreen gamepad. They’ve found some neat ways to integrate it with Wii Fit U. There are some games like Trampoline Target where it’ll play a big part in the mini-game. You can also play most of the games using only the gamepad and the Balance Board so you can have some privacy or just exercise while the family is using the TV.

Another cool function involves the camera on the gamepad. You can set it on a table facing you and it’ll check your form and help you correct it.

The Wii Fit U is the perfect way to get the entire family more active and have fun along the way. You can all track and compare your progress as you exercise together. Making exercise a family activity is not only great for keeping everyone healthy but it’ll keep you motivated in your weight loss.

Oh, and if you already had the original Wii Fit you don’t need to buy a new board. It’ll work with Wii Fit U as well!

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